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Dependant of a person present and on limited leave to remain in the UK (under refugee status or Humanitarian protection in the UK)

This category is designed for an applicant who is a dependent child/spouse/unmarried partner of a person present and on limited leave to remain in the UK. These applicants are eligible to apply for family reunion subject to the following conditions:

  • They must prove that they are in a genuine relationship as a spouse or in a civil partnership; 

  • If the applicant is an unmarried partner who wishes to join their partner in the UK, he/she has to prove that their sponsor has been given refugee status or humanitarian protection on or after 9 October 2006 or;

He/she must prove that they lived together in a relationship like in a marriage or civil partnership for 2 years and the sponsor have been given asylum or humanitarian protection after 9 October 2006

  • They must prove that they have intention to live together and continue their relationship 

  • If child wants to join parents in the UK, the child must be

    • under the age of 18

    • going to live with you and your partner

    • not married or in a civil partnership

Successful applicants will be granted permission to live and work in the UK for 30 months initially and will need to apply for further extension prior to be eligible for settlement in the UK. 


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