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EEA Nationals and EU Settlement Scheme

Nationals from a European Economic Area can exercise their right of free movement under European Convention. Following their initial right of residence in the UK of three months, they have right to continue their residence in the UK as long as they are a qualified person. A qualified person must demonstrate that they are exercising treaty rights in the UK under any of the following:


  • Employment including Job Seeking

  • Self-Employment

  • Study

  • Self Sufficient


 Employment / Job Seekers


All EEA nationals have a right to reside in the UK or work in the UK without any restrictions except Croatian nationals. Croatian nationals can reside in the UK as other EEA nationals but they are subject to work restrictions. They must apply for worker registration scheme.


EEA nationals can become a qualified person by having full time or part time employment in the UK.


EEA nationals can become a qualified person as a job seeker, if they are actively seeking employment in the UK and must demonstrate that there is realistic chance of finding a work in the UK. They can exercise treaty rights as a Job Seeker for 6 months.




EEA nationals can be a qualified person by registering as a self-employed person with HM revenue and customs. If any EEA national temporary become unable to continue self-employment due to illness or accident, they will not lose their qualified status.




To become a qualified person as a student, you must:


  • Enrol on a course of study at private or public educational establishment recognised as an education or training provider, and

  • Show they have sufficient money to meet living costs in the UK;

  • Have comprehensive sickness cover





EEA nationals can become a qualified person by establishing that they are a self-sufficient person and that they have sufficient money to live in the UK without recourse to public funds. They must have comprehensive sickness insurance in the UK.


Derivative Rights of Residence


A Rights of Residence can exist for a carer of self-sufficient EEA children or a carer of a former EEA national worker where the child is in education. The European Court's judgment of Zambrano has been implemented in the EEA regulations as a derivative Right of Residence. These rights do not lead to permanent residence.


EEA nationals who reside in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years in accordance with the EEA regulations are qualified for apply for permanent right of residence or document for certifying permanent residence in the UK. One year after obtaining permanent residence status, they will be eligible for naturalisation.


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