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Asylum in the UK

The United Kingdom is bound by 1951 UN Convention relating to refugees, (which defines the rights of refugees) and also by the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) which protects the Human Rights of people of the signatory states.

A refugee is defined as a person who


  • lives outside of their country or habitual residence;

  • has a well-founded fear of persecution in their country because of their political opinion, race, religion, nationality or membership of a social group;

  • is unable or unwilling to seek the protection of their national authorities.


Asylum should be claimed at the port of entry or as soon as reasonably practical. Delaying claiming asylum may adversely affect the credibility of their claim and their entitlement for NASS support.

If you failed to claim asylum at the port of entry, you can claim asylum in person at the UKBA asylum screening unit where they will conduct a screening interview.

If you have been granted refugee status or limited leave to remain under Humanitarian Protection, you will be able to bring your dependants to the UK to join you.

If you claim is refused, there will be automatic right of appeal. If an asylum claim is unsuccessful and the appeal rights have been exhausted, the applicant may face removal from the UK.

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